This is a list of the 2003 Northwest Air Pollution Authority employees and their job title and salaries. (18 employees)

The Northwest Clean Air Agency was formed in 1967 to serve Island, Skagit and Whatcom counties covering a total of 4,072 square miles. The Agency’s mission is to promote clean, healthful air quality within the three counties it serves. The Agency is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors consisting of a representative from each of the three counties, a representative from the largest city in each county – Oak Harbor, Mount Vernon and Bellingham, respectively – and a member-at-large selected by the other six Directors. The Agency has a staff of 18 employees. The Agency’s fiscal year 2006 operating budget totaled $2,016,493 and its primary sources of funding are from operating permit fees, registration fees, penalties collected from regulated sources, federal and state grants, and assessments received from local governments.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2003 Northwest Air Pollution Authority List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

Here's a link to the Northwest Air Pollution Authority webpage.

I got information about the Northwest Air PollutionAuthority from the Washington State Auditors webpage about audit reports they've done on Washington State agencies.

April 2, 2004 note: I have replaced the first letter of the first name of each person, with a *.

To paste names, job titles and salaries in an excel spreadsheet, click on "view" and then "source", copy everything between (pre) and (/pre).

As of 12/1/03				
Employee	          Title	              Monthly Salary  or Hourly Wages	
		                                (See note 1)		
Allen, *heresa	Air Quality Engineer	$4,875.73 		
Allison, *cott	Fiscal & Human Resources Manager	4,875.72		
Armstrong, *va	Administrative Assistant II	2,233.62		
Billington, *ynn	Technical Services Manager, PE	6,471.70		
Blake, *avid	Environmental Specialist (Asbestos/Indoor Air)	5,168.27		
Brown, *enneth	Air Quality Engineer (temporary employee)	$33.75 		
Brown, *ebecca	Inspector I	3,465.09		
Buford, *ark	Air Quality Engineer	5,477.87		
Curley, *aura	Public Information Officer	4,510.88		
Franzmann, *xel	Air Quality Scientist (Monitoring)	5,168.27		
King, *ail	Emissions Data Specialist	3,300.07		
Mahar, *aniel	Air Quality Engineer	5,580.26		
Naismith, *nne	Air Quality Engineer	5,757.13		
O'Shaughnessy, *ulie	Compliance Manager	5,070.75		
Randles, *ames	Director	7,328.84		
Rybolt, *teve	Intern (temporary employee)		10	
Smith, *argarita	Receptionist/Secretary II	2,714.98		
Uhrich, *obert	Inspector II	3,638.33		

1) Monthly salary amounts are based on a 35-hour work week.				

Here's the freedom of information request letter I sent to the Northwest Air Pollution Authority.

From: Dan Mahar
Sent: Thursday, December 04, 2003 9:14 AM
Subject: Request for Information -- Employee salaries & wages
Public info - employee salaries & wages.xls (18.0 KB)
Dear Louis Bloom,
In accordance with the state of Washington Public Disclosure Act, RCW 42.17.320, this email message serves as our response to your request for information. You requested the names, job titles, and salaries of the employees of the Northwest Air Pollution Authority and, if possible, that the requested information be provided in Microsoft Excel format. Therefore, please see the attachment for the requested information as provided in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. By the way, after my first attempt to email the requested information to you, I received an "undeliverable" email message. Apparently, for some reason, our email server is blacklisted from you being able to receive an email from our organization. Therefore, I am using this Yahoo email account and having this issue investigated.
If you have any questions regarding the information I have provided, please feel free to contact me. Have a pleasant weekend!
Scott Allison
Fiscal & Human Resources Manager
NW Air Pollution Authority
1600 S. 2nd Street
Mount Vernon, WA 98273-5202
phone: 360-428-1617, ext. 200
fax: 360-428-1620

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In Nov 2002, the Wa St Court of Appeals, ruled that government employees names cannot be kept secret.
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