This is a list of the 2004 Northwest Power and Conservation Council employees and their job title and salaries. (45 employees)

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2004 Northwest Power and Conservation Council List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

August 4, 2004 note: the Northwest Power and Conservation Council sent me a list of the job titles and salary ranges. They have a great website, so I copied the names and some job titles from their website.

Here's a link to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council webpage.

Below is a list of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council employees, 
according to their website. Bartlett, Ed Cassidy, Larry Corum, Ken Crow, Steve Danielson, Judi Decker, Bud Derfler, Gene Eckman, Tom Eden, Melinda Fazio, John Fleming, Tamara Fritsch, Mark Gibson, Wally Grist, Charlie Hannaford, Bill Harrison, John Hartman, Beata Hertz, Judi Hines, John Jenkins, Kris Karier, Tom Kempton, Jim King, Jeff Lapworth, Heather Marker, Doug Merrill, Erik Morlan, Terry Myers, Kierstan Ogan, John Ossmann, Sharon O'Toole, Patty Palensky, Lynn Paquet, Peter Phillips, Kendra Sasser, Stephen Schilmoeller, Michael Schrepel, Eric Schulke, Cindy Shurts, John Suzumoto, Bruce Tanner, Jim Walker, Mark Waste, Steve Watson, Dick Winkel, Carol 
Fish and Wildlife Committee
Ed Bartlett, Chair  (Montana)
Larry Cassidy  (Washington)
Judi Danielson  (Idaho)
Melinda Eden  (Oregon)
Power Committee
Jim Kempton, Chair  (Idaho)
 Gene Derfler , Oregon
 John Hines  (Montana)
Tom Karier  (Washington)
Executive Committee
Judi Danielson, Chair  (Idaho)
Larry Cassidy  (Washington)
Gene Derfler , Oregon
 John Hines  (Montana) 
Public Affairs Committee 
Larry Cassidy, Chair  (Washington)
Ed Bartlett  (Montana)
Gene Derfler , Oregon
Jim Kempton  (Idaho)
Council members
Judi Danielson , Idaho
Melinda Eden , Oregon
State members
Jim Kempton , Idaho
Ed Bartlett , Montana
John Hines , Montana
Gene Derfler , Oregon
Frank "Larry" Cassidy, Jr. , Washington
Tom Karier , Washington
Central office
Executive Division		
Steve Crow 	Executive Director	
Judi Hertz 	Executive Assistant	
Administrative Division		
Jim Tanner 	Administrative Officer	
Denise Bennett 	Support Services, Purchasing Agent	
Bud Decker 	Information Systems Manager	
Tamara Fleming 	Receptionist/Administrative Assistant	
Beata Hartman 	Office Specialist/Support Assistant	
Kierstan Myers 	Administrative Assistant - Contracting	
Sharon Ossmann 	Business Manager	
Cindi Schulke 	Assistant Business Manager	
Joshua Woods 	Technical Support Analyst	
Fish and Wildlife Division		
Doug Marker 	Division Director	
Mark Fritsch 	Manager, Project Implementation	
Erik Merrill 	ISRP/ISAB Coordinator	
Patty O'Toole 	Program Implementation Manager	
Lynn Palensky 	Subbasin Planning Coordinator	
Peter Paquet 	Manager, Wildlife & Resident Fish	
Kendra Phillips 	Administrative Assistant	
Bruce Suzumoto 	Manager, Special Projects	
Steve Waste 	Manager, Program Analysis and Evaluation	
Power Division		
Dick Watson 	Division Director	
Ken Corum 	Economic Analyst	
Tom Eckman 	Manager of Conservation Resources	
John Fazio 	Power System Analyst	
Wally Gibson 	Manager of Systems Analysis/Generation	
Charlie Grist 	Senior Policy Analyst	
Jeff King 	Senior Resource Analyst	
Heather Lapworth 	Administrative Assistant	
Terry Morlan 	Manager of Economic Analysis	
Michael Schilmoeller 	Senior Power System Analyst	
Public Affairs Division		
Mark Walker 	Division Director	
John Harrison 	Public Information Officer	
Kris Jenkins 	Special Projects Assistant	
Stephen Sasser 	Creative Director/Graphic Artist	
Eric Schrepel 	Web and Data Specialist	
Carol Winkel 	Communications Specialist	
Legal Division		
John Shurts 	General Counsel	
William Hannaford 	Senior Counsel	
John Ogan 	Senior Counsel	
Judi Hertz 	Legal Assistant	

Council Chair: Judi Danielson   Council Member: Jim Kempton 		
Tom Dayley  208-334-2189	Fish & Wildlife/Subbasin Planning Coordinator 	
Karen Dunn 	Office Manager/Administrator	
Joann Hunt 	Administrative Assistant/Fish and Wildlife Policy Analyst	
Shirley Lindstrom 	Power Coordinator	
Council Members: Ed Bartlett  and John Hines 		
Kerry Berg 	Policy Analyst	
John Bushnell 	Energy Policy Analyst	
Pam Tyree 	Administrative Secretary	
Council Member: Gene Derfler 		
Che Mortimer 	Office Manager	
Karl Weist 	Fish and Wildlife Policy Analyst	
Leann Bleakney 	Energy Policy Analyst	
Council Vice-Chair: Melinda Eden  
Council Member: Frank L. Cassidy Jr. ("Larry") 		
Jo-Ann Black-Burrell 	Administrative Assistant	
Tony Grover  (696-1584)	Washington Subbasin Planning Contract Manager	

Council Member: Dr. Tom Karier 		
Mary Dorsey 	Administrative Assistant	
Stacy Horton  327-3775 (Mon) 623-4376 (T-F)	Biologist	

Raven McShane 	State and Government Liaison	

Here's the job titles and salary ranges that the Northwest Power and Conservation Council sent me.

Here's the freedom of information request letter I sent to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council.

Here's the response letter the Northwest Power and Conservation Council sent me.

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