This is a list of the 2007 Tacoma-Pierce County Employment and Training Consortium employees and their job title and salaries. (50 employees)

The Tacoma-Pierce County Employment and Training Consortium was created by the city of Tacoma and Pierce County on October 1, 1982, to provide employment and training opportunities for eligible individuals within Pierce County. Most of the Consortiumís funding is from grants, primarily the Workforce Investment Act grant. The Consortium operated on a budget of approximately $14 million for fiscal year 2006. It has approximately 59 full-time employees. The Consortium is governed by a five-member Executive Board composed of the Pierce County Executive, the city of Tacoma Mayor, one member each from the city and county Councils and the Chairperson of the Workforce Development Council (a separate, non-profit organization that serves as an advisory board of the Consortium). The Board appoints the Consortiumís Director who has administrative authority over the Consortium.

The Tacoma-Pierce County Employment and Training Consortium has no webpage, but the Washington State auditor has an audit report about them at

They have the following elected officials
These officials served during the audit period:
Executive Board:Chair, Workforce Development Council Bob Bruback (through December 2006) Dennis Loney (effective January 2007)
City of Tacoma Mayor Bill Baarsma
Tacoma City Council Member Mike Lonergan
Pierce County Executive John Ladenburg
Pierce County Council Member Calvin Goings (through June 2006) Tim Farrell (effective September 2006)

The appointed officials are:
Executive Director Colin Conant
Associate Director Linda Nguyen (effective October 2006)
Fiscal Manager Linda Walker
Legal Council City of Tacoma Legal Counsel
The Tacoma-Pierce County Employment and Training Consortium has no webpage, but the Washington State auditor has an audit report about them at
All the above information is from the State Auditors webpage

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Here's a link to the download/open the 2007 Tacoma-Pierce County Employment and Training Consortium excel file (837 kilobytes) I received on 1/16/08

2007 Tacoma-Pierce County Employment and Training Consortium List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

Name              Job Title              Department              Hire Date   Annual Salary  
Anderson, S.     Project Specialist      Operations              9/6/1988     57,211.20
Batiste, V.      ETSII                   Operations              6/27/1989    55,812.24
Blecha, D.       Program Assistant       Planning & Development  3/13/2000    44,683.20
Boone, S.        ETSII                   Operations              11/24/1997   54,141.84
Brantley, D.     Security Administrator  Planning & Development  2/19/1975    50,383.44
Bruce, J.        ETSII                   Operations              9/5/1995     53,076.96
Cain, J.         ETSIII                  Planning & Development  8/24/1999    58,651.92
Carnahan, M.     Program Assistant       Operations              9/27/1999    44,683.20
Castonguay, K.   ETSII                   Operations              4/22/2002    53,598.96
Chatters, S.     ETSII                   Operations              1/8/2001     53,598.96
Clark, P.        Information Systems SpecPlanning & Development  2/24/2003    53,076.96
Cone, P.         Workforce Dev. Manager  Operations              4/22/2002    67,254.48
Downing, K.      ETSII                   Operations              3/25/2002    53,598.96
Elliott, W.      ETSIII                  Operations              5/11/1998    58,651.92
Garcia, J.       ETS I                   Operations              11/18/2002   44,390.88
Gerwen, C.       ETSII                   Operations              7/15/2002    53,598.96
Gibson, D.       ETSII                   Operations              8/28/2000    53,598.96
Grassman, K.     ETSII                   Operations              7/30/2002    53,598.96
Grisham, D.      ETSII                   Operations              12/11/2000   53,598.96
Hartford Jr., M. Accounting Technician   Administration          11/19/2001   44,683.20
Higgins, M.      ETSIII                  Planning & Development  12/16/1973   60,384.96
Hill, M.         Strategic Initiatives MaPlanning & Development  8/23/1999    64,059.84
Hoover, K.       ETSII                   Planning & Development  11/29/2004   50,550.48
Huey, L.         ETSII                   Operations              10/10/1994   54,141.84
Iverson, D.      ETSII                   Operations              10/7/2002    53,598.96
Kupper, K.       Executive Assistant     Administration          9/30/1985    50,383.44
Larson, B.       Office Assistant I      Operations              10/31/2005   14,595.12
Longosky, M.     ETSIII                  Operations              8/2/1999     58,651.92
Lynne, D.        Network Administrator   Administration          9/23/1977    69,258.96
Maurer, D.       ETSII                   Operations              9/21/1992    54,663.84
McCarthy, M.     ETSII                   Operations              7/15/2002    42,879.17
Ng, S.           Accounting Technician   Administration          9/18/2006    40,131.36
Nguyen, L.       Executive Director      Administration          11/12/1991   97,300.80
O'Dell, K.       Office Assistant II     Administration          8/20/2001    37,333.44
Poole, D.        Project Specialist      Planning & Development  6/14/1977    57,754.08
Poole, T.        ETSII                   Operations              7/16/2001    53,598.96
Reid, L.         ETSII                   Operations              11/10/1994   54,141.84
Ropella, M.      ETSII                   Operations              7/15/2002    53,598.96
Rupp, C.         ETSII                   Operations              7/15/2002    53,598.96
Sandstede, J.    ETSII                   Operations              2/14/1995    53,598.96
Shea, M.         ETSII                   Operations              9/10/2001    53,598.96
Smith, F.        ETSII                   Operations              2/18/1997    54,141.84
Stevens, V.      Program Assistant       Planning & Development  10/12/2000   44,683.20
Stump, M.        ETSII                   Operations              11/10/1994   54,141.84
Sturzenegger, D. ETSII                   Planning & Development  12/1/1993    54,141.84
Tjostelson, S.   Accounting Technician   Administration          1/20/2006    42,135.84
VanEmst, S.      Project Specialist      Planning & Development  3/4/2002     56,104.56
Walker, L.       Fiscal Manager          Administration          4/26/2004    63,433.44
Wells, A.        ETSII                   Operations              2/25/2003    53,076.96
Woodfolk, C.     Accountant              Administration          11/26/2007   43,680.96
This information reflects effective date 01/01/08.  
No overtime has been reported as of 01/11/08

Here's the freedom of information request letter I sent to the Tacoma-Pierce County Employment and Training Consortium on 12/1/07.

Here's the freedom of information request letter I sent to the Tacoma-Pierce County Employment and Training Consortium on 1/9/08.

From: Walker, Linda Y (Partner)
Cc: Walker, Linda Y (Partner)
Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2008 3:27 PM
Subject: 01.11.08_Louis Bloom2.xls (861kb)
Mr. Bloom,
Here is the information requested regarding the Tacom-Pierce County Employment & Training Consortium staffing information. A hard copy of the information will be mailed to you as well.
If you have questions regarding this project, please contact me at the phone number listed below.
Thank you and have a great rest of the week.
Linda Walker
Fiscal Manager
Tacoma-Pierce County Employment & Training Consortium
(253) 594-7907

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