below is the card that 5 year old rachael sent her grandma melanie bloom. i thought rachael made some punctuation errors. melanie thought everything was perfect.
(the card says "dear, gandg, hi, here is a picture for your frige love, rachael.)

below is the picture that rachael sent for melanies fridge.

below is a picture of Travis & Carolyn Curry's house that burned on saturday. they are neighbors of mike and linda bloom

another view of curry house fire

another view of curry house fire

the day of the "lost beach dogs." phillip took pictures from the boat. Monday September 30, 2002

sam and barky wading around indian beach bulkhead.

sam and barky at indian beach

sam and barky near nursing home bulkhead

louie sam and barky watching smelt at onamac point

here's a picture of the beach people that sam and barky played with. phillip and i figured that the dogs would eventually come running down the beach to follow us in the boat. they didn't

phillip, alex, louie, and konan spent a couple of hours looking for the "lost" dogs. they eventually showed up at the house about 45 minutes after dark. konan and phillip were happy, and here's a picture of konan and the dogs.

both dogs smelled of something dead from the beach that they rolled on because they wanted to share the smell with their masters. phillip washed both dogs the next day.